Friday Fives: My favorite posts of the week! June 6th

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for me to share my favorite blog posts of the week. Most of what I read this week was about writing. I read a bunch of “boring” grammar blogs, and how-tos. but instead of posting too many of those. I’ll share some of the other blogs I really liked this week:
  1. Writer and dad, Matthew Paul Turner, posted 16 truths he has learned from being a parent. What struck about this was not just the content but how he presented it. Awesome stuff.
  2. And speaking of parents. Dad and Children’s Pastor, Nic Mcelveen wrote this post about how we tend to perceive people because of their “mistakes.” Great short post that actually says a lot.
  3. One of my favorite-of-all bloggers, Rachel Held Evans, did a great post, making an interesting observation about exercise and community.
  4. WordPress interviewed a blogger using their WordAds program. I’d like to get WordAds up on one of my blogs soon. And this showed me just how feasible it really is. I’m starting by doing that with TwentyList. I think it would be easier to market than this “random things I write” blog going on over here!
  5. Finally, did this great poster that gave me the extra push I needed this week. This is now my wallpaper. Thanks for the inspiration, guys.

That’s all. See you all this weekend.

Happy reading!


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